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Indoor Printing Media

Matt Papers

• Premium Coated Paper 120 gsm

A matt, coated paper for high volume production. The matt finish reduces reflections and increases viewing angle.

• Easylam® Poster Paper 165gsm

A matt, coated high tech paper designed for lamination and high quality printing. Easylam® will produce a flat graphic, unlike other laminated papers. A high resolution coating allows exceptional definition in pictures and text. The matt finish reduces reflections and increases viewing angle.

• Photo Realistic Matt Paper 180 gsm

A heavy grade, matt, barrier coated high quality paper with a reverse side coating to reduce curl.

• Power Paper 140 gsm

Designed for high humidity areas and exposure outdoors. Pigmented inks give the optimum water resistance, however, it is also water resistant when printed with dye based inks. Ideal for posters, photo realistic images, POP (point of purchase) displays, banners, short term promotional graphics, and exhibition graphics.

Photo Papers

• Alto Photo Satin

A premium quality photographic paper with a satin finish, that produces deep, vibrant colors. This photo paper has an advanced coating for a much wider color gamut and a brilliant white base.

• Instant dry Photo Satin or Gloss Paper 210 gsm

A heavy weight, true photographic base paper available in both satin and gloss. It has a high tech coating which dries instantly and is moisture resistant. The photographic base paper results in high dimensional stability and a quality feel.

• Premium Photo Satin or Gloss Paper 170 gsm

A true photographic base paper available in both satin and gloss with a double sided PE coating which produces exceptional dimensional stability and a quality feel. The brilliant white base yields excellent contrast. The exceptionally uniform coating results in excellent color blends and vibrant color fills.

• Barcelona Satin

A true photographic base paper available in either satin or gloss. This paper is tear proof in all directions and scratch resistant, without the need for lamination. Applications include posters, photo-realistic images, High end graphic displays, POP (point of purchase) displays, short term promotional graphics, exhibition graphics and indoor signs.

Self Adhesive

• Heavy Coated Self Adhesive Paper 140gsm

A one sided, heavy coated inkjet paper with a brilliant white printable surface and a self adhesive reverse side. The matt surface yields high resolution prints with excellent color density and full color gamut. It has a permanent adhesive, compatible with most mounting surfaces.

• Stabilis Vinyl

A matt, bright white, coated, water resistant vinyl with a permanent adhesive backing to ensure maximum adhesion on a variety of substrates.

• Peelezee®

A printable film product with a unique polymer layer on the back side offering exceptional adhesive qualities with completely residue free removal. When applied to clean flat sides of vehicles or windows, Peelezee® produces an excellent bond but is readily removed with no damage or marring of the substrate. The finished product is water resistant with pigmented inks, offering an ideal outdoor solution for fleet graphics, window graphics and backlit displays including promotional graphics, corporate signage and advertising

• Adhesive Backed Outdoor Film

A self adhesive, white polypropylene film media with a water resistant matt coating. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications including mounted advertising, promotional graphics, directional signage, short term promotional graphics, signs, banners exhibition graphics and vehicle graphics.


• Stabilis Banner 400gsm

Ideal for high resolution indoor and outdoor banners displayed for up to 6 months, including directional signage, advertising and promotions, decoration and other signage.

• Tyvek® Banner

A 100 % tear resistant spun synthetic base with a matt coating. Used for high resolution indoor banners, short term outdoor banners, POP (point of purchase) displays, promotional graphics and exhibition signage.

Special Materials

• Roll Up Display

A state of the art, instant dry coating on a ‘lay flat’ polyester base. The reverse is treated with a distinctive grey to minimize show through. Ideal for promotional graphics, directional signage, advertising, exhibition graphics, etc.

• Canvas

A 100% natural cotton canvas with a semi-matt ink jet coating. The fabric is actual painter’s canvas and can be stretched for framing, or it can also be sewn and grommeted and used as a banner alternative. Virtually any image printed on this media gives the feeling of being a work of art. Applications include fine art reproductions, weddings and portraits.

• Vu Thru Film

An anti-static polyester based film with an ink jet receptive coating that is printed in reverse to obtain a view through image. The ultra smooth polyester base to gives a high gloss finish that adds impact and vibrancy to the colors. The media includes a specially designed coating to give correct light diffusion in light boxes and other backlit applications. Reverse printing protects image between the tough front polyester film and the laminated backing film. A higher level of opacity is achieved with the reverse print system, yielding greater color saturation. Ideal for high resolution back lit displays, promotional graphics, advertising signage (for example menu light boxes in fast food outlets), exhibition graphics, POP (point of purchase) displays, airport graphics, movie posters, etc.

• Multi Purpose Clear Film

Designed for multi-layered imaging, signage and overlays, Clear Film is suitable for full color imaging in most applications and is ideal for window graphics and OHP as well as mapping, backlit graphics, signs, overlays, AEC, and templates.

• Gloss White Opaque Film

This film is designed for high quality graphic art inkjet applications. It is ideal for use in high value presentations where a tear resistant glossy finish is required. It gives excellent color definition and high resolution. Applications include short term promotional graphics, advertising signage, exhibition graphics, POP (point of purchase) displays, posters and photo realistic images.

• Night and Day Synthetic

A white film based media with a water resistant matt coating. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It has superb color density when viewed as a normal reflective graphic, but is also excellent when back lit, hence ‘Night and Day’. The media has a matt finish that gives no reflection. The image can be viewed correctly from any angle or distance. Ideal for backlit displays, non back lit displays for advertising, promotional graphics and can be used in bus shelters, directional signage, etc.