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ISO 9000-2000

Our production facilities are certified ISO 9000-2000 standards resulting in the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Our quality management system continuously addresses potential problems and we are constantly improving internal operations, logistics and customer service.
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How to Register

Who can register?

BRAG's Web site is aimed to offer to his customers an on-line tool for ordering printing services.

BRAG customer can be only a SIGN SHOP or a SIGN RESELLER, because:

  • BRAG does not sell direct in North America,

  • BRAG prices do not include the sale tax.


Why register?

BRAG Website pages are visible to any visitor: you can browse all website pages presenting BRAG, the Web site and pages with general information about digital printing technology and services.

However, the access to the BRAG's ordering application is allowed only to registered customers.

In order to be able to use our on-line ordering application, you must first register into our application. When registering into our application you get from BRAG an account/login information.

The account/login information will be used for:

  • signing in into our web ordering application,

  • uploading files through FTP procedures.


Register procedure

You become a registered customer after following the registration procedure:

  • STEP 1: you fill in a registration form containing data about your company,

  • STEP 2: you receive from BRAG a confirmation email message containing your login information (name and password)

You can start the registration procedure from any Web site page, by selecting the link "Register new user" from the "Sign In" box of the left menu.

In the registration form, you must add the following information:

  • user name - it will be used by you as login information,

  • details about your company - information to be used for billing and shipping,

  • company contact details - used for communicating with your company,

  • contact person details - the person in your company using BRAG ordering application.

The data provided during the registering procedure is subject of the Privacy Policy specifications.

If a customer registers, he implicitly accepts the terms and conditions specified in Legal Notices and Terms of Use.

The registration process is completed when customer receives from BRAG an email message confirming his successful registration and containing the login information (user, password).

After receiving the login information, customer can sign in and start using the on-line application.


Forgot your password?

For privacy and security issues customer password is not known by BRAG - we store it in our customers' database in encrypted form.

If you forget the password BRAG can not recover it. We can only reset the password, assign a new one, which will mandatory changed again by you.