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ISO 9000-2000

Our production facilities are certified ISO 9000-2000 standards resulting in the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Our quality management system continuously addresses potential problems and we are constantly improving internal operations, logistics and customer service.
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How to make payments

Currently we accept only Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

All orders must be paid prior to printing.

Our credit card processing is managed through the secure web site of The Bank of America or their designated agents.

We do not retain any credit card information on our US based servers, nor is any credit card information transferred overseas.

The credit card is only charged after printing and not at the time the order is placed.

The credit card authorization is valid for 2 weeks after order being booked. After this period the value of the reorder must be re billed.

BRAG reserves the right to decline any booked/paid order before proofs being uploaded and approved by the customer of if alterations of the original order are requested by the customer.

Cancelation by the customer of any booked/paid order is subject to a cancelation fee as follows:

  • 1% of the paid amount if the order is canceled by the customer prior to any action performed by BRAG on the order

  • 5% of the paid amount if the order is canceled by the customer after proofs being uploaded for approval

  • 100% of the signs' value already printed at the moment of cancelation

Should your business have specific payment requirements, please contact our office at 888-961-6661 or e-mail sales@blueridge-signs.com