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How to Order


BRAG's Web site is aimed to offer to his customers an on-line tool for ordering signs and other printing services.

The main functionality of the on-line application is the following:

  • creating quotations,

  • placing orders,

  • on-line payment through credit card,

  • proofing the order,

  • viewing the shipment status,

  • having a direct communication with BRAG, for each order/quotation, during the entire process of quoting and ordering,

  • providing an archive of orders for each customer - this allows customer to repeate an order with a simple mouse click.

Placing an order with the on-line application becomes very straight:


1.1 Customer defines the specifications of the signs:

  • Basic specifications are defined in a form containing the mandatory specifications of a sign

  • Other technical requirements are defined as free text

1.2 Customer uploads the artwork files


Customer places the order and makes an on-line payment.


3.1 Customer receives the proof files from BRAG for approval

3.2 Customer gives his confirmation for the print.


BRAG prints the signs and ships them to customer.

Quotations and Orders

Quotation is the mandatory initial "phase" of each order.

Quotation is the mean by which customer defines the specifications for an order, allowing him:

  • to instantly get the cost from BRAG for the intended order,

  • to generate a quotation for his own user, by adding markups and his additional costs. This quotation can be printed in a suitable format for the end-user.

A quotation becomes order when customer decides to convert that quotation into an order, by simply clicking the Place Order button.

Placing the order always imply the payment of that order through credit card.

At each moment, a customer could have:

  • quotations,

  • orders,

  • archived orders.

Quotations can be deleted by customer, orders can not.

An order is considered fulfilled when customer confirms receiving the printed signs.

A fulfilled order (customer confirmed receiving the printed signs) is automatically saved in customer's archive.

3 types of quotations/orders can be defined in our application:

  • Indoor full color digital print

  • Outdoor full color digital print

  • All other types of signs and services

When starting up to create a new quotation/order customer decides which one of these 3 to use depending on what signs or printing services he must include in that order.

The following table summarizes the main difference between the quotations/orders of type Indoor/Outdoor and the quotations/orders of type "All other":

Indoor or Outdoor
"All other" quotation/order
What can be ordered Only signs of the same type. Any kind of signs, other printing services.
How the order specifications are defined Web application provides a special form for defining the specifications of each sign. Specifications are defined as free text.
How/when customer gets the cost Customer gets an instant cost of the order. The application automatically calculates the cost (including shipment and handling) based on his current defined signs' specifications. The cost must be given by BRAG.
When the order can be placed Immediately after editing the signs' specifications. Only after receiving from BRAG the cost.

Each quotation/order can contain an unlimited number of similar signs of same type (indoor or outdoor).

The reason for having the same type of signs in the same order is the way in which the discount values are calculated by our application.

If you have a large number of signs to be ordered and they are both indoor and outdoor signs, we suggest you to issue an order of type "All other types of signs and services".

Each quotation/order contains:

  • A. Signs' data - data that defines the specifications of the signs to be printed. One order can contain any number of signs.

  • B. Messages - BRAG ordering application provides a simple messaging system that allows Customer and Brag to communicate through the on-line ordering application.

For each sign the following information must be defined:

  • A. Sign technical specifications

    • a. Basic technical specifications

    • b. Additional technical requirements

  • B. Artwork files which defines the sign to be printed